Pokies Tips

Click to Play this Progressive Pokie
Click to Play this Progressive Pokie

For most of the people the pokies machines are completely random and this means that there are no tips for winning playing a pokie machine and the only thing that you need is luck. Correct? Ok the first part is true: pokies machines are completely random. And also the last part is correct: you need luck! But let’s see about the middle one. Let’s see about TIPS.
It is well known that all the gambling games in the world follow the Law of Probabilities. This means that also pokies, online or not, follow the law of probability. This means that if you understand probabilities it’s much possible to win. If you don’t, we will try to explain you below in simple words without mathematics how you can increase your probabilities for winning in our pokies machines. To do that you just have to predict which machine haven’t paid out for a while. The longer the time for a pokie to pay out the bigger the probability to win.
The Progressive Pokies are easiest to predict because they actually provide you with this information. This can also be understood by the amount of the jackpot. The bigger the amount of the jackpot, the bigger the possibility to win. So try to find out in all of our casinos which are the machines with the longer time without paying out or the machines with the biggest jackpot and try your luck in these machines. Finally, an other very important advise from us is that when you will choose your favorite machine according to the above tips then you have to stick to it. If you change pokies machines all the time then your probabilities to win are decreased.

This is our biggest secret and we just want to share it with all of you because we really believe that it is better for all of us to understand how the Game works. As we are also gamblers we understand the rush for win. Try this tips out and we wish you good Luck and huge earnings and the most important: Enjoy!