Bar makes more money on pokies, not alcohol!

bar pokiesThe slot machine licence was taken away from a South Auckland bar last week. The reason? Because the bar’s profits from gambling were much higher than the profits from alcohol! The gambling commission decided that the gambling section of the bar should be closed because the bar had turned to be something like a casino rather than a real bar.Of course after that, KTJ Investments wich is the venue’s operator, appealed to the decision.The decision which was released yesterday said that the bar’s viability would be doubtful without the profits from the agreement with the gabling operator, the Lion Foundation.The Commission said that every time their representatives went to the bar , the gamblers were much more than the patrons! The bar had the reputation of a ‘pokies’ paradise. The general manager of regulatory services Maarten Quivooy said that Internal Affairs made a lengthy and deep investigation that affected the commission ‘s decision.He also revealed that government will strike hard those who’ll disobey their decisions. More on this story will come soon so if you want to know what will happen keep visiting our site and we will keep you up to date. If you want to play pokies, just browse our site to get all the info you need.